Cummings Chiropractic Center

I have been a patient of Dr. Shelia Cummings for a number of years now and I'm very comfortable in recommending her practice to anyone who believes they have an issue that can be improved through chiropractic care.

(Look for PMA year round at her office.)

Superior Farm and Garden

The only commercial business in Superior Township.  At this pet friendly store, you will be able find a variety of items and supplies for your farm, garden, and pets, as well as some unique local crafts from wood working to home made soaps.

(Look for PMA year round.)

Humane Society of Huron Valley

Serving Washtenaw County since 1896.  A no-kill shelter for cats and dogs, it has also been helping sick and injured wildlife for over 60 years.   They also conduct cruelty investigations and have a 24/7 rescue service for sick and injured wildlife.

The 734 Brewery

A local craft brewery located in the Depot Town area of Ypsilanti.  Typically, they have up to five brews on tap, plus apple wine and root beer.  Though they  do not serve food, many of the local restaurants will deliver to the brewery,  and frequently, they request a food truck to set up in the front parking lot.  Live entertainment is different every night, and they support local artists by displaying their works in 5-8 week rotations.