Quarantine day: Yesterday + 1

This was going to be the month of my first judged arts and craft fair. For obvious reasons, the Michigan State Arts and Crafts Show for the spring was cancelled. The following paragraph is from the coordinator of the MSU event.

"In light of the show being cancelled, we still want to help support you, our crafters. In working with the MSU Union and UAB marketing teams, we are going to do a "Virtual Show". What this will look like is the week of the show we will push out over social media platforms crafter webpages for online sales, etc. I will also still post the Crafter List to the Website/Etsy, however instead of Booth numbers we will list Webpages/Etsy sites."

So I am not sure what this will look like, but I hope it is successful. It was scheduled for the 16-17th of May. I will be participating in the MSU Winter Arts and Crafts Fair being held December 5th and 6th.. On another note, the Park and Pick event I am signed up for at the Town Peddler in Livonia is still on for June 8th. They plan to reopen on May 16th, so we'll see how this plays out.

In case you have not noticed, the webpage has been tweaked a bit. Please take a moment to look around. The big addition is that of the "Member" page. In the hopes of bringing more people to the web site, I have initiated a Points Program for members. So here is how it works. Once you become a member and create your own profile you can start earning "points". If you have already purchased a painting or greeting cards from me, you will receive points totally 10% of your total purchase(s) amount. For example, if you purchased a set of greeting cards, you have earned 2 points, a $150 painting is worth 15 points and so on. Another way to earn points is to refer your friends. Each of your friends that you refer is worth 5 points. Additionally, if your friend purchases something, you will receive .25 points for each dollar they spend. With your friends purchase of a $100 painting, you would receive 2.5 points.

Of course, now you are asking, "What do I get for my points?" Well, to keep it simple, take the price of the item you would like to acquire and multiple that by 10. That is the number of points needed for that item. A key chain would be 30 points, a single greeting card 50 points, a set of greeting cards 200 points and so forth.

The big thing of course is that you have to let me know which of your friends you have referred. Either email me who you have referred at pmapourmeart@gmail.com or use the contact page of this website.

pour.me.art on Instagram has 18 followers so far. I have been approached by a few different companies who offer to "sell" you followers. I would much rather prefer you let your friends know about it and ask them to follow it.

I have to admit, last month took its toll. Updating the web page did not get all the attention it should have and the number of new paintings is slowing down. But, all available paintings are now posted. I asked on the PMA Art Facebook page for preferred sizes of prints you may be interested in and unfortunately received no inputs. For now the first size available will be 11 x 14 inches. The price is not set yet, but I anticipate it being significantly less than $1000.00. They will be signed and numbered. Each run of a print will be limited to 50. If you are interested in a print of a particular painting, let me know.

Some of my newer paintings is Midnight Orchid, Calla Lilly Profusion, and Harlequin Iris Sodality. Click on them to see the complete painting.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy the paintings.

Stay safe, take care,