Who Would Have Thought

How quickly things can change is the world. If you would have asked most people back in October if they thought the whole world population would be sent to their rooms in March, I'm pretty sure most would have laughed at you. Yet here we are. Please take all the necessary precautions that are appropriate for your particular situation.

An advantage that a lot of us who suffer from depression have is that we are already very good at isolation. Where it gets tricky is now that our families have to isolate with us. I'm lucky in that one of my VA mental health providers has called weekly to check up on me. If you have any mental health concerns, please reach out to your provider or someone you trust who can help you get through this.

One of my major frustrations with this event is that it eliminates opportunities to sell my art in person. I have reached out to a couple of non-profits that I think highly of with a you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours kind of idea. My thought was that if they would mention my page on their fund raising section of the their website or Facebook page, I would donate a large percentage of the purchase price of any painting that one of their supporters purchased from me. The purchaser would have to contact me to let me know which charity they were supporting. At the end of the month I would either send or deliver a check to them. Neither has replied so either I did not explain the idea well enough, or they were not interested. With that said, if you know of a non-profit that would do something like this, please let me know.

On to the new art. This past month I tried a couple of different techniques that came out quite well. Calla Lily Profusion and Harlequin Iris Sodality are two examples.

Calla Lily Profusion

Harlequin Iris Sodality

In terms of upcoming paintings, I have started a collection based on the planets. Yes, Pluto is still a planet in my book. This collection is called the SOL collection. So far, I have done Mercury and Venus. Although it is a collection, the paintings are available individually.

SOL: Mercury Spin-Orbit Resonance

SOL: Venus Sulfuric Airs

Another project involving my painting is my wife Michele has begun using some of the left over paint skins to make jewelry with. So, necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings with original art will soon be available. I don't have pictures at this time yet, but they will be coming soon.

Speaking of my wife, Michele is the one who is solely responsible for coming up with the thought provoking names for my paintings.

Finally, I would like to close with the request that you keep all the health care professionals in your thoughts and prayers during this challenging period of time.

Take care, be safe.